Apostolic Activity
"Pope John Paul II Family Academy - Brooklyn, New York"

Empowering Parents

     "Parents are the first educators of their children." We all know and are convinced of this truth. However, in order for parents to educate their children, they need to be empowered. This applies particularly to parents whose children attend Pope John Paul II Family Academy in Brooklyn, NY. Most of these parents are immigrants from Latin American countries and thus know very little English. They have very little training in both the spiritual as well as the academic areas.

     To help parents understand the important and sublime role of educating their children, Sr. Mary Antoinette works very closely with them. She gathers them in small groups, talks to them individually and visits them at home. She always talks to them about the importance of giving their children a sound Catholic education and shares with them ideas and suggestions on how to become actively involved in their children's education. Since the example speaks louder than words, she emphasizes the importance of creating an environment at home within which their children can see in practice what they learn in theory at school.

     Parents are very open and welcoming. This creates a wonderful opportunity for Sister to acquaint them with the Word of God, to evangelize them and to establish a strong partnership in educating their children.