Be Not Afraid

     Formation is a dynamic process that leads candidates to the Religious Life to value, integrate, and unify desires, capacities, and energy in the preference for Christ, according to Saint Anthony Gianelli’s spirit.

     Formation starts with the human dimension, develops in the spiritual dimension, and its final goal is the union with God through the practice of the evangelical counsels.



     During this time the candidate goes through a process of discernment and orientation characterized by a strong experience of Christian Life. Duration varies according to the candidate’s individual needs.


     The candidate continues the process of vocational orientation and discernment deepens. Human and Christian formation are intense. It lasts from one to two years according to a personal process.


     The candidate experiences the life of the Institute. This is an essential stage of formation. Its goal is to help the novice to get ready for her total consecration to God. Both the postulant and the novice study different contents related with human, Christian, and religious formation following the Formation Plan of the Institute. This stage lasts two years.


     At the end of her novitiate, the young Sister professes the vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience. She starts her experience as a junior that will last six years. After the sixth year a Sister is able to make a life-long commitment through the Final Vows.