The Institute of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden, founded by St. Anthony Gianelli, is a Religious Congregation of Pontifical rite, dedicated to apostolic activity. We follow Christ very closely, giving ourselves, by the action of the Holy Spirit, totally to God, loving Him above all things, dedicating ourselves to His glory and taking part in the saving activity of the Church.

     Our apostolic mission is born of our Fatherís initiative of salvation and of the mission of Christ, which continues in the Church. Under the impulse of the Holy Spirit and faithful to its origins, this mission expresses itself in response to the material and spiritual needs of men and women. Sensitive to the directives of the Church and to the state of human society, we reach out to meet the needs of all and especially of the most deprived and poor.

     In scope of activities the apostolic action of our Institute is universal: hospitals, schools, social services, parishes, youth and adult ministries, nursing homes, and missions.