Decree of Approval
     In the year 1829, Anthony Gianelli, Dean of the Collegiate Church of Chiavary, in the Diocese of Genoa, Italy, founded the pious Institute of Sisters, known as Daughters of Mary, for the purpose of achieving not only their own sanctification, but also of providing young girls with Christian and civic education, and also of taking care of the poor, especially of the sick in hospitals. Even though the above mentioned Priest was made Bishop by the Supreme Pontiff and appointed to the Episcopal See of Bobbio, he did not cease to work for the growth of the above mentioned pious Institute; as a matter of fact, while he was still living, the Institute expanded into more dioceses, bringing great spiritual advantage to Christian people.

     In 1862 a special Decree of the Apostolic See recognized the Pious Institute and declared that the Sisters were to take the simple vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and live under the government of a Superior General. Encouraged by this apostolic recognition, the Sisters endeavored with even greater zeal to fulfill the duties of Christian charity, and to foster the spiritual well-being of humankind, even in the most remote regions of America, which gained them the approval and praise of the local Bishops.

     The Superior General of the same Pious Institute, after having established a convent in Rome, warmly beseeched His Holiness Pope Pius IX, to approve the Constitutions of the Pious Society. His Holiness, in an audience granted on February 14, 1868 to the undersigned Secretary of this Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars, having considered the recommendations of the local Bishops, approved and confirmed the Pious Society, as an Institute of simple vows under the government of a Superior General, safeguarding the jurisdiction of the Ordinaries, in conformity with the Sacred Canons and Apostolic Constitutions. The present Decree confirms and approves this Pious Institute, postponing to a more suitable time the approval of its Constitutions with the stipulations that further studies and observations be made on them. Moreover, His Holiness commanded that the above-mentioned convent established in Rome, from now on be considered as the Mother house of the Pious Institute.

     The Sisters of this Society shall continue, with due dependence on the Ordinaries, to seek their own sanctification and that of others. They should not spare efforts and fatigue to educate young girls in the fear of God and to instill in them good moral values, and to minister to the sick with diligence and zeal. By doing this, they will fulfill the desires of the Supreme Pontiff, who values more than anything else the Christian education of youth, and the aid and relief of the needy, especially during these troubled times.

     Given in Rome by the Secretariat of the same Sacred Congregation, on March 10, 1869.

                      A. Card. Quaglia, Prefect
                      S. Svegliati, Secretary