Our Lady of the Garden

     The citizens of Chiavari became very fond of their "Madonna". So fond that in 1643 they proclaimed her Patroness of their town and set apart, thereafter, July 2nd as a holiday. They took her image wherever they went. Merchants brought the image to Africa where Our Lady of the Garden has been honored since the 18th century, and to Uruguay, in South America, since the 19th century.

     In 1829 the priest Anthony Gianelli founded, in Chiavari, a religious congregation to meet the social and spiritual needs of the citizens. He gave the Sisters the name of Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden. Wherever the Sisters O.L.G. are called to do apostolic work they carry not only the image of Our Lady of the Garden but they also try to spread devotion to her among the people they serve. Today they are in Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, U.S.A., Palestine, Jordan, India, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Bolivia.