Our Lady of the Garden

     Maria dei Quercio’s idea of painting the image of the Blessed Mother on a wall, right in a place where everybody would see her, could not be better. It was a permanent reminder of the favors received from her.

     Perhaps one of the main miracles is the picture itself. After many years, the picture, exposed to the rain, the sun and the salty air from the sea, conserved its beauty and the freshness of the colors.

     In 1528 cholera returned to Northern Italy, including Chiavari. The danger of getting infected brought back the devotion to Our Lady of the Garden. Many people got miraculous favors through the intercession of Our Lady of the Garden. Even when the pestilence has left the region, people continued visiting the image.

     These where just the first signs. Today, thousands of people from all over the world invoke Our Lady of the Garden’s name in different languages obtaining Graces from God through her intercession.