Our Lady of the Garden

     Maria dei Quercio, better known as Turchina, having her family saved from cholera, promised to paint a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The painting, however, was not painted in a church but in a public place, on a wall. The wall stood along the gardens that then extended from the Palace of the Captain all the way out to the sea. People who passed by easily praised and thanked the Blessed Virgin. Due to the fact that Benedict Borzoneís painting of the Virgin was by the gardenís wall, ever since, she is recognized, the world over, as "Madonna dellí Orto", "Our Lady of the Garden" in English..

     The artist succeeded in expressing marvelously the idea of goodness and power of Mary. He represented the Blessed Virgin in the act of holding with the left hand the Infant Jesus to her bosom who encircles her neck, and with the right hand she holds up the Infantís arm that He may bless the city and whoever may pass by. Around the head of Mary are the words of the angelical salutation "Ave gratia plena" and further above the biblical phrase "Hortus Conclusus", "Enclosed Garden" in English.