Mission in Argentina
The Lord has done great things for us!

     In 1856, the Sisters started their mission in Córdoba, Argentina. Their first assignment was caring for the sick at St. Rocco’s Hospital in the center of the city.

     Three years later, in 1859, the Congregation arrived in the capital of the country, Buenos Aires. In 1861, the Sisters assisted the wounded during the war of Pavon. They themselves went to the battlefield to accompany the wounded into the city. When the war was over, the Sisters took care of the sick in hospitals, and assisted the poor, the elderly, the chronically ill, the mentally afflicted and the abandoned infants. At the same time they offered excellent education to the children and the youth by founding more than twenty schools in a few years.

     With thirty-nine communities, Argentina has two Religious Provinces: Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Presently, the Sisters serve in schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, parishes, missions, and youth ministry centers mainly through the Gianellian Missionary Groups. Their presence is well known in the main provinces of the country: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza, Entre Ríos, Tucumán, Salta and Jujuy.

     For more information in Spanish, please visit Hermanas del Huerto at www.huerto.yocreo.com.