Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo
The Lord has done great things for us!

     Saint Anthony Gianelli's admonition: "They will go where other Religious Sisters cannot go" is always present in the Sisters' hearts. The mission in "Cité Mama Mobutu", Kinshasa, being one of the poorest in Africa, impels the Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden to put all their energy in preparing the foundation to be able to satisfy the people's spiritual and material needs.

     On December 7, 1989 Bishop Mayala concelebrated the Eucharist at St. John Apostle Parish and blessed the house where four Sisters now take care of the poor. Overcoming the challenges of this mission, learning French and an African dialect, getting used to a different "menu" and a very hot climate, the Sisters opened another community and received young vocations for the Congregation.

     The two-hour Mass, the melodious songs, and the contagious rhythm of the instruments show the great faith people put into their liturgical celebrations. The Sisters give 100% of their dedication to the poorest of the poor with joyous devotion.