Mission in Uruguay
The Lord has done great things for us!

     In 1856 eight Sisters embarked at Genoa, Italy, to go to Uruguay as missionaries. With Mother Chiara Podesta as their superior, the Sisters’ first task was to take care of the victims of yellow fever. At the end of the same year they assumed the direction of Maciel Hospital in Montevideo, which is considered the first House of the Congregation in America.

     The Sisters also took care of the wounded in the civil war of Paysandu in 1864. After some time they offered excellent education by founding several schools.

     Today, the Religious Province of Uruguay serves the sick in two hospitals: Maciel in Montevideo and Galan y Rocha in Paysandu. The Sisters offer dedicated education to children and teenagers through eight schools in Montevideo, Conciliacion, Florida, Minas, Pando Paysandu, Piriapolis, and San Jose.