Mission in United States
The Lord has done great things for us!

Middletown, Connecticut

     Sister Maria PiaIn 1968 four Sisters started a new mission in Durham, CT at Stonegate School. This school is oriented to attend to the needs of mentally challenged children. Unfortunately, after the change of administration at Stonegate School, the Sisters left this school in 1975 because of lack of mission opportunities among the children. However, in 1969 the Sisters purchased a property in Middletown, CT planning to open a nursery school. This dream became a reality in September of 1972 with the opening of Gianelliís Early Learning Center, a nursery school that emphasizes the Montessori method of teaching.To this day, with the help of seven teachers and volunteers, five Sisters introduce children 3 to 5 years of age to social and educational skills. In addition, the Sisters are involved in First Communion and Confirmation catechism, as well as the RCIA program at St. Sebastian Parish in Middletown, Connecticut.

     Click here to visit the website of the Gianelli's Early Learning Center or go to www.gianelliselc.org.