Saint Anthony Gianelli
Bishop & Founder

     On May 6, 1838, Cardenal Tadini ordained Father Gianelli as Bishop of Bobbio at the Cathedral of Genoa.

     In addition to the foundation of the Missionaries of St. Alfonso de Liguori in 1827 and the Sisters of Our Lady of the Garden in 1829, in October of 1838 Gianelli founded the "Oblates of St. Alfonso de Liguori" with the precise scope of running and teaching in the Seminaries.

     He gave himself heart and soul to the people of his diocese for eight years. Convinced that renewal must come from within, Bishop Gianelli planned to reform the members of the episcopacy. He insisted on daily Mass, meditation, frequency of the Sacraments, and participation in an annual retreat that he prepared and preached. He also developed a personal contact with his priests, guided the Sisters personally, constantly instructed the seminarians, preached missions, visited all of his parishes three times, conducted two synods and performed countless works of charity for the poor.