Saint Anthony Gianelli
Last Days

     On May 6, 1838, Cardenal Tadini ordained Father Gianelli as Bishop of Bobbio at the Cathedral of Genoa.His boundless energy, however, started to deteriorate. At the end of April 1845 Bishop Gianelli suffered an acute attack of gastric fever, which was wrongly diagnosed and treated. His lungs became seriously infected, and by the spring of 1846 he was so weak that he could no longer celebrate the Mass. His doctors advised him to move to a more agreeable climate. He went to Piacenza where his health worsened. He died on June 7 far away from his Diocese. His mortal remains were returned to Bobbio two days later and were honorably buried alongside the other bishops. On April 19, 1925, he was proclaimed Blessed by Pope Pious XI and declared Saint by Pope Pious XII on October 21, 1951.